Electrical Wiring Upgrades

Electrical Wiring Upgrades

If your home is 30 years or older it is probably time for electrical rewiring or a wiring upgrade. Modern technology is constantly advancing thus it is important that you rewire your household or business for the safety of your family and business. All Phase Electric believes in educating their clients. Below are a few questions and answers that we could help you.

Recently Asked Questions

What kind of upgrades exist?

There are a few ways you can upgrade your home or businesses current electrical wiring. Instead of replacing your entire electrical system, check with you local electrician whether you could simply replace your fixtures, switches and outlets. Sometimes this will work! However, contact All Phase Electric of Helena and Bozeman, MT to be sure. Most of the time it is important to replace the old electrical wiring to ensure the safety of your home.

What are the benefits of electrical rewiring?

There are a number of benefits to updating your home's or businesses wiring system. By rewiring yo can prevent a number of hazards such as fires, electrocution, and electrical shortages. By installing new and more capable appliances like outlets, you will be able to power bigger and more complex products.

How long doe the upgrades take?

Depending on the complexity of the wires and the size of the house, wire upgrades or rewiring could take anywhere from a few hours to a several days to complete. However when working with the licensed and insured professionals at All Phase Electric the outcome is most definitely worth the wait.

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